Portable Solar Panels For Camping:


If you want to be able to power a small television or laptop or even be able to reliably recharge your cell phone while hiking or camping, then you will need to pack one or several of the available portable solar panels for camping that are available today.

Not everyone enjoys camping in an RV or at registered campsites that provide power to every rented area. And even though they might claim that their goal is to get away from civilization, a great many people who hike and camp still prefer to have at least a working cell phone available at all times.

Backpacking hikers will often include in their equipment one to four panel specially designed portable solar panels that can be folded or rolled up for storage.

Using them out in the wild is fairly easy to do, by simply laying them in an area at the campsite that catches the most sunlight. They are so flexible that you can even bend them at any angle necessary to soak in the most power, and leave them in the sun until you are ready to use them.

Most can power a single object for hours without fail, and quickly recharge once they are exposed to sunlight again.